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Taking place 9-12 November, the theme of this year's CTBUH International Conference in Chicago is "Tall Excellence: Seeking the Ideal in Vertical Urbanism."

The traditional understanding of tall buildings and, by extension, density, and cities, is facing new challenges, including carbon, climate change, and the demand for better social, economic, and environmental outcomes.

CTBUH is the world's leading non-profit organisation for all those interested in the future of cities. It explores how increased urban density and vertical growth can support more sustainable and healthy cities, especially in the face of mass urbanisation and the increasing effects of climate change worldwide.

“Tall Excellence: Seeking the Ideal in Vertical Urbanism” is a conference that tackles the challenge of a new type of urban density, one that seeks to provide more than just functional space and a marketable skyline. The conference brings together an international roster of experts for a thought-provoking schedule of workshops and sessions, plenaries, networking receptions, an awards ceremony and dinner, and exclusive tours.

Co-Founding Partner, Ian Simpson, has been selected to join the CTBUH panel of speakers at this year's conference. Presenting on Friday 11 November, his talk will be entitled 'Manchester Urban Evolution: The Compact, Walkable City' and will explore how density via tall buildings can contribute and achieve innovative regeneration in cities like Manchester. Ian will be joining 3 other speakers, all of whom will be discussing 'The Challenge of Context: Towers and the Creation of Public, Walkable Space.'

We are also pleased to announce that Co-Founding Partner, Rachel Haugh, will be a member of Best Tall Building Europe Jury for the annual awards.

The conference will be an excellent opportunity to meet with friends and colleagues from across the globe. SimpsonHaugh are looking forward to listening to industry leaders, networking, and sharing ideas with like-minded professionals.

For more information about the conference and to view the full schedule, visit the CTBUH website.