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Our brief from Oldham Council was to develop a strategic framework to support the council's vision for the regeneration of the town centre. A series of key principles have been established to guide this process, aimed at creating a greener, healthier, and more sustainable place, and to set goals for the provision of new homes, employment, education and leisure uses.

Our work included detailed analysis of the town centre, to understand its existing spatial configuration and structure, movement routes and patterns, and urban character, and to identify constraints and opportunities. It was very important from the outset that the rich history and heritage of Oldham was carefully considered as part of our wider research and integrated into proposed design solutions. This process helped us to identify key design objectives and develop proposals for strategic improvements across the core of the town centre, aimed at creating a greener, more attractive, and welcoming place for all.

At the heart of our proposals is the creation of a significant new linear park, connecting the core of the town centre. This unique new piece of shared public space, inspired by the extensive green spaces within the wider borough of Oldham, will act as a catalyst for transformational change within the town centre. The park will provide spaces for a diverse range of users, creating places to play, to visit and socialise, to relax, for sport and activity, to eat and drink, as well as contributing to water management, biodiversity and improvements to the quality of life for all. Green routes reach out from this space connecting surrounding neighbourhoods and communities.

The framework study also included the development of concept proposals for a number of key development sites to support the council's ambition to create over 2,000 new homes within the town centre.

Project information

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    Oldham Council

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  • Consultants

    Landscape Architects:Planit
    Environmental Engineer:Ramboll

  • Elements

    2,000 New Homes
    New Linear Park and Green Infrastructure
    2-10 storeys

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