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It is important for us to recognise and reward talent at all levels throughout the practice and demonstrate that everyone has the opportunity to succeed and develop their career paths here at SimpsonHaugh. That’s why it gives us great pleasure to welcome fourteen colleagues who have each demonstrated dedication, collaboration and initiative, helping us evolve a creative and learning environment, into their new positions: David Baillie, Elena Machin, Anthony Campbell, Glenn Robinson, Henry Mulligan, Kate Newman, Luis Reis, Sarah Matheou, Chris Trunkfield, Craig Allen, Eliana Tsangaridi, Pablo Cabrejas Benito, Alex Chan, and Kaia Williams.

David Baillie, Associate Partner

“One of my favourite moments with SimpsonHaugh has been visiting the Battersea Power Station site when the team had just moved down to London to work on the scheme. Growing up I would often pass by the Power Station on the train, and there would always be a different idea for what it would become, so it felt quite special to be part of the team that was finally going to do something positive with that part of London.”

Elena Machin, Associate Partner

“In this new role I'd like to carry on leading exciting projects, designing great architecture and contributing to improve our built urban environment. I would also like to take the opportunities that my new position offers to make a meaningful contribution to SimpsonHaugh as a practice, helping to share knowledge across the office, encouraging communication and promoting a positive and creative atmosphere.”

Anthony Campbell, Associate

“Seeing the Battersea Power Station Phase 1 project constructed and visiting the site to see the finished building in use has been a real highlight of my time at SimpsonHaugh. I am pleased that I got to be part of the team that delivered such a landmark project, and after many years working on the scheme it has been very rewarding to view the completed building and look back on all of the hard work that went into it. On a social level, the One Practice event to Antwerp was a really enjoyable experience, and it was great to go abroad for a few days with the whole practice.”

Glenn Robinson, Associate

“A few achievements I am particularly proud of include helping members of the team with the preparation for their Part III case study and exam and seeing them qualify, seeing the completion of Coventry Phase 2 having worked particularly hard to deliver a blended brickwork with bespoke carrier systems, and developing a positive working relationship with both the client and Main Contractor.”

Henry Mulligan, Associate

“It’s been rewarding to witness Crown Street progress from the train in to work each morning. Recently having access to the external terraces on the upper levels of Tower C1 has allowed me to gain a new perspective on the project and the wider positive impact the practice is making in this area.”

Kate Newman, Associate

“I don’t think I have a favourite moment, just lots of favourite people. I have made some great friends working here who I value greatly, some of whom I’m sure I’ll remain friends with for life! It’s a pleasure working alongside such a diverse and talented bunch of people.”

Luis Reis, Associate

“My favourite moment so far has been seeing projects reach completion, more recently the M7 façade, which was a very complex and challenging to develop although seemingly effortless in appearance. Following a project through from start to finish is a very rewarding experience, learning how to navigate between the client and contractors both contractually as well as knowing where to push the boundaries with the design was key to the success of the final project."

Sarah Matheou, Associate

“With increasing demand for sustainable buildings and a move towards zero operational carbon buildings, I would like to help the practice develop their role in making informed sustainable design decisions and being at the forefront of the shifting role of architecture.”

Chris Trunkfield, Project Architect

“One of my favourite achievements so far is my contribution to the design of the Charles Street precast concrete façade. It is a medium I had not worked with before and the fact that the contractor has not amended the design is testament to the quality and robustness of our design package.”

Craig Allen, Project Architect

“It's nice for my contribution to the office to be recognised. There are several upcoming milestones that will be nice to see, such as the practical completion of River Street. It’s also great to be able to take a number of projects forward that will have a significant positive effect on a number of cities and communities, not least Manchester.”

Eliana Tsangaridi, Project Architect

“Seeing our Battersea Phase 1 project in use and witnessing New Wakefield Street shaping Manchester’s skyline from 20 Stories on a cold sunny day, are two of my favourite memories at SimpsonHaugh. It is rewarding to be part of such a creative team and to work with a client and contractor who share the same vision.”

Pablo Cabrejas Benito, Project Architect

“I am quite fortunate to have been involved in built projects (Tariff Street and Holbrook). My contribution has varied in each one but seeing them off the paper is quite a thing. Charles Street is progressing on site at the moment, which is very exciting!"

Alex Chan, Visualiser

“I’m looking forward to continuing to produce and develop better imagery for each project I work on as a part of the visualization team.”

Kaia Williams, Model Maker

“Recent achievements I’m proud of include being a part of the model making awards with the University of Manchester and keeping the model shop running whilst Kristin was off on maternity leave. The latest model I’m most proud of working on is the MAZD competition Kristin and I built that went to Moscow.”