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It’s important for us to recognise and reward talent at all levels. That’s why we’re proud to announce the promotion of Deborah Mclean, James Roberts, Chris Walker and Lawrence Wilson to Project Architect. They have each demonstrated a strong work ethic and collaborative approach, helping us evolve a creative and learning environment. Congratulations!

Deborah Mclean, Project Architect

"One of the recent achievements I'm most proud of is completing The New Cross Neighbourhood Development Framework. I really enjoyed working on it as it involved urban design and working at a larger scale than I was used to. It’s really nice to now see the impact of something I did being used by Manchester City Council as a benchmark for design and by so many other professionals across the city."

James Roberts, Project Architect
"In my new role, I hope to develop my understanding of Manchester and helping to deliver Great Jackson Street, a significant city centre project. Having moved recently, the atmosphere in the city is really positive and it’s exciting to be a part of it.”

Chris Walker, Project Architect
“I’ve had a few moments that stand out at SimpsonHaugh so far. Professionally, when the concrete brick panels began flying up at Cable Street and when the main atrium feature stair was installed at the Engineering Innovation Centre. Both went from design coordination to construction so quickly making the on site experience even more exciting than normal. Socially, it has to be when SimpsonHaugh took over one of the night buses from Battersea to Kings Cross after our One Practice Event in London last year.”

Lawrence Wilson, Project Architect
“One of my favourite moments so far at SimpsonHaugh has been seeing the Manchester New Square show apartment all fitted out. Walking through it really brought the drawings to life and reminded me of what we are aiming to achieve. It’s going to be great seeing the project built – seeing the panels go on is the next milestone. There is nothing more satisfying than walking down the street and seeing a completed building you’ve contributed to."