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As we strive for success, it is our desire that everyone shares in what we collectively achieve. That’s why we feel it is important to recognise and reward talent at all levels and demonstrate that everyone has the opportunity to succeed and develop their career paths here at SimpsonHaugh.

We are very pleased to welcome three colleagues into new positions: Glenn Robinson as Project Architect, Kristin Mishra as Model Shop Manager, and Sakis Kyratzis as Visual Communciations Manager. They have each shown their dedication and commitment to the practice, helping us evolve a creative, collaborative and learning environment.

Please join us in congratulating Glenn, Kristin and Sakis.

Glenn Robinson, Project Architect
"In terms of recent achievements I'm proud of, working on some of the finer detailing of specific building elements has been very interesting. Designing the feature lights for Belgrade Plaza was a little different to what I have been involved with previously. The landscape architect proposed light fittings that the contractor couldn’t buy off the shelf, so working with a lighting consultant we designed the feature lighting – a cube with fretwork. Initial concepts looked like a football, so we reworked the design to relate it more to the building design.”

Kristin Mishra, Model Shop Manager
"What I'm really proud of is that I’ve tried to take in-house model making to another level, to make it an integrated part of our project design development process, not just something you get a Part 1 to do. Models aren’t an absolute requirement but I think they’re invaluable. Everyone likes models, but not everybody likes making models. That’s where I come in! I do go around the office asking, “What are you working on? Can I make you a model?”. Every single model generates ideas, even the simple foam massing models."

Sakis Kyratzis, Visual Communications Manager
“When I first joined, I was told that my main aim was to make our brand look more exciting and to help create some consistency across both offices. I’ve really enjoyed the collaborative work in achieving that. For example, we’ve produced things that are amazing, like the website, the refreshed brand and our yearly One Practice events."