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As many in the industry will know, this fantastic achievement is the result of a lot of hard work, tenacity and dedication.

Jessie and Vilte gave us an insight into how the Part III process was for them.

Jessie Hu, Architect

“I studied at RIBA North West, as recommended by 99.9% of the architects within our Manchester office. I used Mason Street as a case study, a StayCity Aparthotel scheme in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, set for practical completion in January 2020.
The times leading up to the Part III exam involved lots of dedication and hard work, however, in hindsight I did it in just the right amount of time and felt a huge sense of achievement in completing this milestone. I received all the best advice possible: be prepared, be positive and smash it!
I'm still working on how to celebrate becoming an architect... Probably plan a long holiday! Right now, I'm just enjoying evenings, weekends, hanging out with friends/family and in general, chilling.”

Vilte Kulikauskaite, Architect

"Studying in the North West (Chester Course), I used Smokehouses as my case study. It involved lots of work after work, instrumental jazz in the background and occasional nervous laughter! It was definitely a challenge requiring a lot of dedication, focus and determination, which was hard to keep up at times, but I have learned a lot. The support from my SimpsonHaugh team and my colleagues who were also doing the exam with me was extremely helpful and encouraging throughout the whole experience, which I appreciate very much.”
Along the way I was told a lot, which really encouraged me, ‘You will be fine’ and ‘It’s not THAT bad’! Also, I advise starting revision earlier, as that would have helped me with my case study.
To celebrate, I did lots and lots of dancing! And I look forard to spending more quality time with friends, enjoying my hobbies (drawing, yoga, salsa dancing, travelling) guilt free!”